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General Practitioner (GP) Services in Highton, Geelong

At our Highton, Geelong location, our General Practitioners (GPs) provide a wide range of healthcare services tailored to your specific needs. Our GPs are highly trained and specialized in various aspects of general medicine, making them your first point of contact for any health-related concerns.

Comprehensive Care: Highton GPs are dedicated to treating the whole person, regardless of age, background, or medical issue. They focus on preventive health and are well-equipped to offer guidance on staying healthy. Our GPs have undergone rigorous formal education and training, spanning 10 to 15 years, ensuring they possess the expertise to address all your health needs.

Personalized Care: One of the advantages of seeing a GP at Assure Health, Geelong location is the personalized care you’ll receive. Our Highton General Practitioners take the time to get to know you, your family, and your community, allowing them to tailor their care to your unique circumstances.

Referrals and Coordination: Should you require specialized care, your GP will guide you on the best course of action. They can provide referrals to specialists in specific medical fields or connect you with other healthcare providers if necessary. It’s important to note that to be eligible for a Medicare rebate when seeing a specialist, a referral from your GP is typically required. Our healthcare team, coordinated by your GP, ensures you receive seamless care, even if you need to consult multiple healthcare professionals.

Range of Services: At Assure Health in Highton, Geelong, our clinics offer an extensive array of primary care services. These services encompass acute medical issues and the management of chronic conditions. Additionally, we provide specialized services, such as skin lesion and mole checks, performed by our skilled skin cancer specialists. Our women’s health services in Highton,Geelong include shared maternity care and iron infusions. Moreover, we now offer newly-developed cosmetic services with highly trained practitioners ready to address your aesthetic needs.

To learn more about each of these services available at our Highton, Geelong location, please click on the links below. We are here to provide you with top-quality healthcare to ensure your well-being.


General Medical Services Highton

Allied Health Services Highton

Pathology Service Highton

With an onsite pathology collection centre in Geelong Clinic, we aim to streamline your treatment and reduce the need to travel for your pathology testing.

To receive your pathology results, schedule your booking with your general practitioner five days following your collection appointment.

Book an appointment online with a GP, or please contact us by phone.