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Intrauterine Device

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The intrauterine device might be the right choice for you if you are looking for an effective method that doesn’t interfere with your sex life & won’t interfere with your fertility levels.

The Intrauterine Device (IUD) is an example of a long-term contraceptive that you can use, and it can be fitted by a GP at Asuure Health Clinics.

What is the intrauterine device and what does it look like?

An intrauterine device (IUD) is a hormonal contraception device that provides long-term birth control. An implanted T-shaped device releases progesterone when it is inserted into the uterus.

The intrauterine device sits inside the womb and prevents any fertilized egg from implanting in the lining of the womb.

Intrauterine Device

Intrauterine Device

How does the intrauterine device work?

The intrauterine device prevents pregnancy in two ways:

  • It thickens the mucous in the cervix, preventing sperm from reaching or fertilising the egg
  • Thins the uterine lining and partially suppresses ovulation

How effective is the intrauterine device at birth control?

Intrauterine devices have a success rate of over 99% in preventing pregnancy. Moreover, it is 100% reversible and can be easily removed by your GP.

Which patients are not candidates for intrauterine devices?

You should not use an intrauterine device if:

  • You have breast cancer or have had breast cancer
  • Having uterine cancer or cervical cancer
  • You are suffering from liver disease
  • There are abnormalities in your uterus that make placement difficult

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How much does an intrauterine device cost at Assure Health?

Click here to see the fees for Intrauterine device fitting / removal at Assure Health Clinics. You will need to pick up the intrauterine device from the pharmacy before your appointment to fit the device.

How is the intrauterine device inserted?

The insertion takes approximately 30 minutes and is carried out by one of our experienced women’s health and fertility GPs. We have a special room set up for fitting intrauterine devices, and your GP will explain the procedure to make you feel comfortable and reassured.

You can rest assured you are in good hands because all of our GPs who perform intrauterine device insertions are well trained in all aspects of women’s health.

It is very similar to having your pap smear. We spray a local anesthetic spray on the cervix before fitting the intrauterine device. You might want to take some pain relief before you come, which will help ease any mild discomfort after the procedure.

Intrauterine Device