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Our Principles

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At Assure Health, you come first

Nothing is more important to us than your health and comfort, and as such, we strive to provide convenience, quality, and care to every member of the community.
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Medical Care St Albans





  • Assure Health clinicians and staff go the extra mile for our patients.
  • We provide comprehensive care to ensure all your health needs are met.
  • We employ the most contemporary and cutting-edge treatment methods.
  • We treat every patient with dignity and respect.
  • We appreciate individual circumstances to best accommodate each patient’s needs.
  • We take a holistic approach to ensure every aspect of your health is in the best condition possible.
Honest and clear communication
  • At Assure Health, we want to make sure you are receiving the best possible advice about your health.
  • We take extra steps to provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision about your healthcare and well-being.
  • We provide consultations in languages other than English.
  • We provide interpreter services for consultations in languages not spoken by our clinical staff.
  • We organise deaf and deafblind interpreters for our hearing-impaired patients.
Holistic care
  • We provide our patients with high quality, holistic medical care.
  • We offer a wide range of in-house services and work collaboratively to effectively address your health concerns.
  • Where you require specialist care not available at Assure Health, we ensure to connect you with qualified outside services and coordinate with them to provide you the best care possible.
  • We carefully consider your personal preferences of treatment options and make sure you are comfortable before moving forward.
  • We take your cultural needs into account to provide appropriate care for you and your Family.
  • We make sure you can count on us.
  • We take every possible measure to provide you with consistent, quality service.
  • We listen to your needs and incorporate them into your treatment.
  • We are here for you.
Ongoing advancements
  • We make sure that the care and information you receive at Assure Health is the most advanced available.
  • Our clinical and administrative staff participate in ongoing accredited education programs to maintain our high-quality service.
  • We regularly introduce new services at Assure Health to provide the community with treatments they require (cosmetic procedures coming soon!).
  • We invite patient feedback and incorporate your requests to provide the best service possible.