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What is Antenatal Care ?

In antenatal care, your GP will provide care during your pregnancy until you are referred to the hospital at around 15 weeks of pregnancy, at which point the obstetric team at the hospital will supervise your care until delivery. By doing so, you can have continuity of care throughout your pregnancy and be cared for by your GP. Your GP will often know you before you become pregnant and will also look after you and your baby after the birth.

Who is suitable for antenatal care?

If you have what is deemed to be a low-risk pregnancy then it would be appropriate for you. The hospital may monitor your pregnancy from the beginning based on your medical history, current condition, or any conditions that develop during your pregnancy that would be considered high-risk. Early in pregnancy, you will be referred to the hospital whilst still receiving GP care until the hospital takes over the care.

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What appointments does Antenatal care involve?

If you have just learned that you are pregnant, you will often be seen by a GP at Assure Health. A GP will then arrange for her initial blood tests and any pregnancy scans that may be required. Approximately 15 weeks into your pregnancy, you will be referred to the hospital of your choice and scheduled to see a midwife or obstetrician.