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Skin Checks and Minor Procedures

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Many of our GPs perform minor surgical procedures, under local anaesthetic, within our well-appointed dedicated treatment rooms.

Our patients appreciate the convenience of treatment at a time that suits them.

Further, our clinics offer our patients easy access and a quick return to home or work.

All procedures are undertaken with hospital standard attention to equipment, sterilisation practices and protocols.

Moreover, your GP will take great care in explaining the character of your procedure and any follow-on treatment required. In addition, your GP will explain the procedure, answer all your questions and set out any associated out-of-pocket expenses.

You will be asked to sign a consent form confirming your agreement to the procedure.

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Nothing is more important to us than your health and comfort. We strive to provide quality and care to every member of the community.

For example, our GPs can perform a range of minor procedures, including:

  • Long acting reversible contraception (contraceptive device insertion and removal)
  • Triage and suturing of wounds and lacerations
  • Biopsy and excision of skin lesions
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) of warts, sun spots and skin tags
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Resection of ingrown toenails
  • Excision of cyst
  • Incision and drainage of abscesses
  • Cosmetic medicine that improves a person’s physical appearance for aesthetic reasons


Meanwhile, our practice nurses support our surgical patients during the procedure and will address any questions you have during your recovery.

In conclusion, if you require a minor procedure or would like more information, please contact us.